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TrueView LIDAR Comparison

January 13, 2022 - Cary McCraine, Sean Meacham
The UAS team here at GRI has been using the Geocue Trueview 410 for almost two years and it has been a valuable addition to our suite of sensors. We recently acquired the Geocue Trueview 515 which is proving to be an even more robust LiDAR system for our needs. Some of the improvements from the 410 to the 515 include a faster scan rate which leads to a higher point density under the same flight parameters. It has better canopy penetration and is more sensitive to small targets such as wires and fences. While the 410 has served us well and we will continue to use it in specific cases, the 515 is opening new doors for our UAS team such as transmission line detection and increased topographical mapping abilities.

Geocue Trueview 410
Geocue Trueview 515
Figure 1. The images displayed are from a local area used for aquatic plant research that has lines draped between poles to hold shade cloth aloft. The upper image (blue) is from the 410 and the lower (purple) is from the 515. Notice the large increase in returns of the strung wires from the 515 compared to the 410.

Geocue Trueview comparison table