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The Pearl River

July 25, 2014

This video shows the versatility of the Nova UAV. It can be hand launched from a boat or on land. It is being launched from a boat along the Pearl River on July 10, 2014.

Recovery of the Altavian Nova
Here is the recovery process for water missions. The Altavian Nova is waterproof, which allows us to travel and work in many locations we would not be able to with other platforms.
Ground Control System
This is the ground control system, featuring a laptop to plan out flight routes for autonomous flight and a remote to provide manual control over the Nova if needed.

Altavian Nova Videos

July 07, 2014
This video shows the hand launch of the Altavian Nova out on the Brooksville farm field.
The following video shows the Altavian Nova landing nicely on the Brooksville farm field.
The operator throws the Nova forward in order for it to take off. The mission was to conduct aerial photography of the waterscape of the Pearl River near Slidell, Louisiana.

Another video showing an operator throwing the Altavian Nova from a boat.
A video showing the Altavian Nova making a beautiful landing.