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Advancing Agricultural Research through High-Performance Computing

MSU/USDA Graduate Summer Research Experience in High-Performance Computing and Agriculture

SRE 2023

The 2023 MSU/USDA Summer Research Experience (SRE) Program included a cohort of 8 graduate students from various universities across the U.S. Working with MSU faculty, participants applied training and high-performance computing resources to a variety of research projects across multiple agricultural disciplines.

(Home Institution)
Research Project Title
Hafez Ahmed
(Mississippi State University)
Melanie Boudreau, PhD
(Wildlife, Fisheries, & Aquaculture)
Classification of Cattle Behavior Using 3-Axis Accelerometers
Ahmed Alam
(Mississippi State University)
Vitor Martins, PhD
(Agriculture & Biological Engineering)
Deep Learning Based High Resolution Crop Mapping Using Sentinel-2 Time Series and Vegetation Phenology
Bini Dahal
(North Carolina State University)
Sathish Samiappan, PhD
(Geosystems Research Institute)
Species Identification Using Aerial LiDAR and Deep Learning
Nargis Mirzaie
(University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Joby Czarnecki, PhD
(Geosystems Research Institute)
Unlocking Water Sustainability: The Journey to Optimizing Use of TWR and On-Farm Reservoirs for Groundwater Longevity
Lyem Ningthou
(University of California, Berkeley)
Mahalingam Ramkumar, PhD
(Electrical & Computer Engineering)
AMR Prediction and Drug Discovery with a Deep Learning and Genetic Algorithm Approach
Tamanna Rashme
(Mississippi State University)
Bindu Nanduri, PhD
(Comparative Biomedical Sciences)
Nisha Pillai, PhD
(Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Bayesian Optimization Techniques to Discover the Optimal Microbiome Signatures for Reducing Salmonella Multi-Drug Resistance
Ian Sartorio
(Mississippi State University)
Yang Yun, PhD
(College of Forest Resources)
Harvest Monitoring in Disturbed Forestlands
Ramyasri Veerapaneni
(Mississippi State University)
Bindu Nanduri, PhD
(Comparative Biomedical Sciences)
Nisha Pillai, PhD
(Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Predicting Antimicrobial MICs and Associated Genomic Features for Salmonella: A Multilayer Perspective
2023 Participant Testimonials
"MSU SRE program was transformative. Over 9 weeks, I delved into cutting-edge research with MSU faculty in high-performance computing. Immersed in the collaborative environment on MSU's Starkville campus, I explored multidisciplinary research. Visiting USDA facilities enhanced my skills in novel agricultural research techniques. Exposure to high-performance computing added a new dimension to problem-solving. Although the program has concluded, its enduring impact on my academic and professional journey is profound."
- Ahmed Manavi Alam

"My participation in Mississippi State University's Summer Graduate Research Experience program gave me the chance to investigate how interdisciplinary knowledge may be used to create novel solutions for field research in agriculture. Working with outstanding mentors has enhanced my academic path and given me a platform to make meaningful connections and gain priceless experiences."
- Nargis Mirzaie

"Participating in the SRE program was an extraordinary experience for me. The advanced training in GIS and high-performance computing, complemented by insightful field trips and networking opportunities with professionals from MSU, USDA, and other universities, equipped me with invaluable skillsets and a robust professional network. The knowledge gained and connections made during the program will undoubtedly make a significant difference in my career. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity and the unwavering support received throughout this journey."
- Ian Sartorio

"My participation in the 9-week MSU/USDA Graduate Summer Research Experience Program was truly enriching. Throughout the program, I discovered my passion for contributing to innovative projects and acquiring valuable knowledge and skills related to HPC systems. I successfully built a network, engaged in meaningful research projects, and am excited about the prospect of applying this experience to my future career. This opportunity has undoubtedly been a valuable addition to my professional development."
- Hafez Ahmad