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The GEO Project

The Geospatial Education and Outreach (GEO) Project serves as Mississippi’s leading source of geospatial education and technical information for the communities of Mississippi. Since its inception in 2006, over 4,000 local, state, and federal government officials have utilized services offered through the GEO Project to make better informed decisions for the citizens of Mississippi.

Who We Are

The Geospatial Education and Outreach Project provides Mississippi communities the power to turn their information into affective, visible, workable details using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The GEO Project is supported through the collaborative efforts of Mississippi State University's Geosystems Research Institute (GRI), the Northern Gulf Institute (a NOAA Cooperative Institute), and the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

We are MSU faculty and researchers working to build a better Mississippi by empowering communities with geospatial skills and technologies for better and more informed decision making.

What We Do



We support Mississippi agencies in the use and application of geospatial technologies.



We develop research based geospatial applications to address critical issues facing the Mississippi.

Our Impact

Since its inception in 2006, the GEO Project has had a tremendous impact in expanding geospatial education and services to state agencies.







Mississippi Agencies Served

“The GEO Project remains the largest education and outreach effort in the U.S., because we have secured external funding since 2006 to offer (GIS) workshops at no cost to Mississippi government personnel and at a very low cost to non-government participants.”

Dr. Scott Sampson, Mapping it Out, Extension Matters, 2018
Founder and Project Director, 2006 to 2018