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Partners in Success: Expanding the Intersection between Producer Experimentation and University Research


There is a critical need to co-create mechanisms that promote producer-led experimentation, while also creating a data pipeline for university research. Co-creation is significant because it improves the relevance of the science, while also improving the autonomy of producers for independent experimentation. Our rationale is that a co-creation process will enhance producer efforts to obtain higher quality data, improve their capacity to translate research findings, and facilitate gathering of usable on-farm data. We will partner with other stakeholders to target a producer-initiated research question to evaluate our co-creation approach, innovating in participatory research, and simultaneously offering Extension opportunities in related topics to broader audiences.

Project Personnel

Joby Czarnecki
Associate Research Professor
Geosystems Research Institute
Mississippi State University
John Cartwright
Assistant Extension Professor
Geosystems Research Institute
Mississippi State University
Beth Baker
Assistant Extension Professor
Wildlife, Fisheries, & Aquaculture
Mississippi State University
Brian Smith
Associate Professor
Industrial Systems Engineering
Mississippi State University
Xiaofei Li
Assistant Professor
Agricultural Economics
Mississippi State University

Project Collaborators

Dan Prevost
Operations & Sustainability Lead
Southern Ag Services, Inc.


This work is supported by USDA NIFA CARE 2022-68008-36356

Period of Performance

March 2022 - February 2025