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Publications for Raju Bheemanahalli Rangappa (Raju)

49 Publications
Book Chapter
Bheemanahalli, R., Mathithumilan, B., Dharmappa, P., Sreeman, M. S., Basavaiah, M., Bollinedi, H., Pathour, S., & Kumar, U. (2014). Drought Adaptive Traits in Rice: Need for Comprehensive Approach. Challenges and prospective of plant abiotic stress. Today & Tomorrow's Printers and Publishers, New Delhi. (2), 311-347. [Document Site]
Sreeman, M. S., Malagondanahalli, M., Bheemanahalli, R., Dharmappa, P., Mavinahalli, R., Basavaiah, M., & Makarla, U. (2013). Enhancing Water Use Efficiency besides Effective Use of Water Is a Potential Strategy in Developing Rice Cultivars Suitable for Semi-irrigated Aerobic Cultivation. In Muralidharan K and Siddiq EA (Eds.), International Dialogue on perception and Prospects of Designer Rice. Directorate of Rice Research, Hyderabad 500030, India: Society for Advancement of Rice Research. 262-272.
Peer-Reviewed Journals
Ramamoorthy, P., Samiappan, S., Wubben, M. J., Brooks, J. P., Shrestha, A., Panda, R. M., Reddy, R., & Bheemanahalli, R. (2022). Hyperspectral Reflectance and Machine Learning Approaches for the Detection of Drought and Root Knot Nematode Infestation in Cotton. Remote Sensing. 14, 4021. DOI: [Abstract]
Bheemanahalli, R., Ramamoorthy, P., Poudel, S., Samiappan, S., Wijewardane, N., & Reddy, R. (2022). Effects of Drought and Heat Stresses during Reproductive Stage on Pollen Germination, Yield, and Leaf Reflectance Properties in Maize (Zea Mays L.). Plant Direct. Wiley. 6, e434. [Abstract]
Bheemanahalli, R., Vennam, R. R., Ramamoorthy, P., & Reddy, K. (2022). Effects of Post-flowering Heat and Drought Stresses on Physiology, Yield, and Quality in Maize (Zea Mays L.). Plant Stress. Elsevier. 6, 100106. [Document Site]
Persaud, L., Bheemanahalli, R., Seepaul, R., Reddy, R., & Macoon, B. (2022). Low- and High-Temperature Phenotypic Diversity of Brassica Carinata Genotypes for Early-Season Growth and Development. Frontiers in Plant Science. 13(900011), 1-12. [Document Site]
Bheemanahalli, R., Poudel, S., Alsajri, F. A., & Reddy, R. (2022). Phenotyping of Southern United States Soybean Cultivars for Potential Seed Weight and Seed Quality Compositions. Agronomy. 12(839), 1-15. DOI: [Abstract] [Document Site]
Alsajri, F. A., Wijewardana, C., Bheemanahalli, R., Irby, J. T., Krutz, J., Golden, B., Reddy, V. R., & Reddy, R. (2022). Morpho-Physiological, Yield, and Transgenerational Seed Germination Responses of Soybean to Temperature. Frontiers in Plant Science. 13, 1-11. DOI:10.3389/fpls.2022.839270. [Abstract]
Wang, C., Caragea, D., Kodadinne Narayana, N., Hein, N., Bheemanahalli, R., Somayanda, I., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2022). Deep learning based high-throughput phenotyping of chalkiness in rice exposed to high night temperature. Plant Methods. 18, 9. DOI:10.1186/s13007-022-00839-5. [Abstract]
Ramamoorthy, P., Bheemanahalli, R., Meyers, S. L., Shankle, M. W., & Reddy, K. R. (2022). Drought, Low Nitrogen Stress, and Ultraviolet-B Radiation Effects on Growth, Development, and Physiology of Sweetpotato Cultivars during Early Season. Genes. 13(156), 1:18. DOI:10.3390/genes13010156. [Abstract] [Document Site]
Chiluwal, A., Perumal, R., Poudel, H. P., Muleta, K., Ostmeyer, T., Fedenia, L., Pokharel, M., Bean, S. R., Sebela, D., Bheemanahalli, R., Oumarou, H., Klein, P., Rooney, W. L., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2022). Genetic Control of Source-sink Relationships in Grain Sorghum. Planta. 255(40), 1-16. DOI:10.1007/s00425-022-03822-5.
Hein, N. T., Impa, S. M., Wagner, D., Bheemanahalli, R., Kumar, R., Tiwari, M., Prasad, P. V. V., Tilley, M., Wu, X., Neilsen, M., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2022). Grain Micronutrient Composition and Yield Components in Field-grown Wheat Are Negatively Impacted by High Night-time Temperature. Cereal Chemistry. ., .DOI:10.1002/cche.10523. [Abstract]
Bheemanahalli, R., Wang, C., Bashir, E., Chiluwal, A., Pokharel, M., Perumal, R., Moghimi, N., Ostmeyer, T., Caragea, D., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2021). Classical Phenotyping and Deep Learning Concur on Genetics of Stomatal Density and Area in Sorghum. Plant Physiology. 183(3), 1562-1579. DOI:10.1093/plphys/kiab174. [Abstract]
Kakar, N., Bheemanahalli, R., Jumaa, S., Redoña, E., Warburton, M. L., & Reddy, K. R. (2021). Assessment of Agro-morphological, Physiological and Yield Traits Diversity among Tropical Rice. PeerJ. 9, e11752. DOI:10.7717/peerj.11752.
Bheemanahalli, R., Knight, M., Quinones, C., Doherty, C. J., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2021). Genome-wide Association Study and Gene Network Analyses Reveal Potential Candidate Genes for High Night Temperature Tolerance in Rice. Scientific Reports. Nature. 11(6747), .DOI:10.1038/s41598-021-85921-z.
Bheemanahalli, R., Gajanayake, B., Lokhande, S., Singh, K., Seepaul, R., Collins, P., & Reddy, K. R. (2021). Physiological and Pollen-based Screening of Shrub Roses for Hot and Drought Environments. Scientia Horticulturae. 282(110062), .DOI:10.1016/j.scienta.2021.110062.
Munyon, J. W., Bheemanahalli, R., Walne, C. H., & Reddy, R. (2021). Developing Functional Relationships between Temperature and Cover Crop Species Vegetative Growth and Development. Agronomy Journal. 113, 1333-1348. DOI:10.1002/agj2.20537.
Somayanda, I., Bheemanahalli, R., Hein, N. T., Sandhu, J., Prasad, P. V. V., Walia, H., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2021). High Night Temperature Effects on Wheat and Rice: Current Status and Way Forward. Plant Cell and Environment. 44, 2049-2065. DOI:10.1111/pce.14028.
Reddy, R., Seghal, A., Jumaa, S., Bheemanahalli, R., Kakar, N., Redona, E. D., Wijewardana, C., Alsajri, F. A., Chastain, A., Gao, W., Taduri, S., & Lone, A. A. (2021). Morpho-Physiological Characterization of Diverse Rice Genotypes for Seedling Stage High- and Low-Temperature Tolerance. Agronomy. 11(112), 1-19. DOI:10.3390/agronomy11010112.
Hein, N. T., Bheemanahalli, R., Wagner, D., Vennapusa, A. R., Bustamante, C., Ostmeyer, T., Pokharel, M., Chiluwal, A., Fu, J., Srikanthan, D. S., Neilsen, M. L., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2020). Improved Cyber-physical System Captured Post-flowering High Night Temperature Impact on Yield and Quality of Field Grown Wheat. Scientific Reports. Nature. 10, 22213. DOI:10.1038/s41598-020-79179-0.
Reddy, R., Bheemanahalli, R., Saha, S., Singh, K., Lokhande, S. B., Gajanayake, B., Read, J. J., Jenkins, J. N., Raska, D. A., Santiago, L., Hulse-Kemp, A. M., Vaughn, R. N., & Stelly, D. M. (2020). High-Temperature and Drought-Resilience Traits among Interspecific Chromosome Substitution Lines for Genetic Improvement of Upland Cotton. Plants. 9, 1747. DOI:10.3390/plants9121747.
Ostmeyer, T., Bheemanahalli, R., Srikanthan, D., Bean, S., Peiris, K. H. S., Madasamy, P., Perumal, R., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2020). Quantifying the Agronomic Performance of New Grain Sorghum Hybrids for Enhanced Early-stage Chilling Tolerance. Field Crops Research. 258, 107955. DOI:10.1016/j.fcr.2020.107955.
Wanga, C., Li, X., Caragea, C., Bheemanahalli, R., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2020). Root Anatomy Based on Root Cross-section Image Analysis with Deep Learning. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 175, 105549. DOI:10.1016/j.compag.2020.105549.
Bheemanahalli, R., Impa, S., Krassovskaya, I., Vennapusa, A. R., Gill, K. S., Obata, T., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2020). Enhanced N-metabolites, ABA and IAA-conjugate in Anthers Instigate Heat Sensitivity in Spring Wheat. Physiologia Plantarum. 169, 501:514. DOI:10.1111/ppl.13109.
Chiluwal, A., Bheemanahalli, R., Kanaganahalli, V., Boyle, D., Perumal, R., Pokharel, M., Oumarou, H., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2019). Deterioration of Ovary Plays a Key Role in Heat Stress-induced Spikelet Sterility in Sorghum. Plant Cell and Environment. 43, 448:462. DOI:10.1111/pce.13673.
Somayanda, I., Vennapusa, A., Bheemanahalli, R., Sebela, D., Boyle, D., Walia, H., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2019). High Night Temperature Induced Changes in Grain Starch Metabolism Alters Starch, Protein and Lipid Accumulation in Winter Wheat. Plant Cell and Environment. 43, 431-447. DOI:10.1111/pce.13671.
Sebela, D., Bheemanahalli, R., Tamilselvan, A., Kadam, N. N., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2019). Genetic Dissection of Photochemical Efficiency under Water-deficit Stress in Rice. Plant Physiology Reports. 24, 328-339. DOI:10.1007/s40502-019-00467-7.
Bheemanahalli, R., Hechanova, S., Kshirod, J., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2019). Root Anatomical Plasticity in Wild-rice and Dryland Sorghum under Water-deficit Stress during Panicle Initiation and Flowering. Plant Physiology Reports. 24, 155-167. DOI:10.1007/s40502-019-00451-1.
Hein, N., Wagner, D., Bheemanahalli, R., Sebela, D., Bustamante, C., Chiluwal, A., Neilsen, M. L., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2019). Integrating Field-based Heat Tents and Cyber-physical System Technology to Phenotype High Night-time Temperature Impact on Winter Wheat. Plant Methods. 15, 41. DOI:10.1186/s13007-019-0424-x.
Moghimi, N., Desai, J. S., Bheemanahalli, R., Somayanda, I., Vennapusa, A. R., Sebela, D., Perumal, R., Doherty, C. J., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2019). New Candidate Loci and Marker Genes on Chromosome 7 for Improved Chilling Tolerance in Sorghum. Journal of Experimental Botany. 70, 3357-3371. DOI:10.1093/jxb/erz143.
Dharmappa, P., Doddaraju, P., Malagondanahalli, M., Bheemanahalli, R., Mallikarjuna, N. M., Rajendrareddy, S. H., Ramanjinappa, R., Mavinahalli, R., Ganesh, P. T., Makarla, U., & Sreeman, M. S. (2019). Introgression of Root and Water Use Efficiency Traits Enhances Water Productivity: An Evidence for Physiological Breeding in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.). Rice. 12, 14. DOI:10.1186/s12284-019-0268-z.
Bheemanahalli, R., Sunoj, V. J., Saripalli, G., Prasad, P. V. V., Balyan, H. S., Gupta, P. K., Grant, N., Gill, K. S., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2019). Quantifying the Impact of Heat Stress on Pollen Germination, Seed-set, and Grain-filling in Spring Wheat. Crop Science. 59, 684-696. DOI:10.2135/cropsci2018.05.0292.
Somayanda, I., Sunoj, V. J., Krassovskaya, I., Bheemanahalli, R., Obata, T., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2018). Carbon Balance and Source-sink Metabolic Changes in Winter Wheat Exposed to High Night-time Temperature. Plant Cell and Environment. 42, 1233-1246. DOI:10.1111/pce.13488.
Chiluwal, A., Bheemanahalli, R., Perumal, R., Asebedo, R. A., Bashir, E., Lamsal, A., Sebela, D., Shetty, N., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2018). Integrated Aerial and Destructive Phenotyping Differentiates Chilling Stress Tolerance during Early Seedling Growth in Sorghum. Field Crops Research. 227, 1-10. DOI:10.1016/j.fcr.2018.07.011.
Lawas, L. M. F., Bheemanahalli, R., Solis, C., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2018). Sheathed Panicle Phenotype (Cv. Sathi) Maintains Normal Spikelet Fertility and Grain Filling under Prolonged Heat Stress in Rice. Crop Science. 58, 1693-1705. DOI:10.2135/cropsci2017.09.0574.
Bheemanahalli, R., Rajendran, S., Manoharan, M., Sumanth, H. N., Muthurajan, R., Ishimaru, T., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2017). Is Early Morning Flowering an Effective Trait to Minimize Heat Stress Damage during Flowering in Rice. Field Crops Research. 203, 238-242. DOI:10.1016/j.fcr.2016.11.011.
Kikuchi, S., Bheemanahalli, R., Jagadish, S. V. K., Kumagai, E., Masuya, Y., Kuroda, E., Raghavan, C., Dingkuhn, M., Abe, A., & Shimono, H. (2017). Genome-wide Association Mapping for Phenotypic Plasticity in Rice. Plant Cell and Environment. 40, 1565-1575. DOI:10.1111/pce.12955.
Prasad, P. V. V., Bheemanahalli, R., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2017). Field Crops and the Fear of Heat Stress- Opportunities, Challenges and Future Directions. Field Crops Research. 200, 114-121. DOI:10.1016/j.fcr.2016.09.024.
Bheemanahalli, R., Rajendran, S., Tack, J., Nalley, L. L., Muthurajan, R., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2016). Temperature Thresholds for Spikelet Sterility and Associated Warming Impacts for Sub-tropical Rice. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 221, 122-130. DOI:10.1016/j.agrformet.2016.02.003.
Rajendran, S., Bheemanahalli, R., Ramachandran, M., Dingkuhn, M., Muthurajan, R., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2016). Capturing Heat Stress Induced Variability in Spikelet Sterility Using Panicle, Leaf and Air Temperature under Field Conditions. Field Crops Research. 190, 10-17. DOI:10.1016/j.fcr.2015.10.012.
Bheemanahalli, R., Malagondanahalli, M., Sumanth, K., Mavinahalli, R., Makarla, U., Ganesh, P. T., & Sreeman, M. S. (2016). Discovery of QTLs for Water Mining and Water Use Efficiency Traits in Rice under Water-limited Condition through Association Mapping. Molecular Breeding. 36, 35. DOI:10.1007/s11032-016-0457-z.
Shi, W., Lawas, L. M. F., Bheemanahalli, R., & Jagadish, S. V. K. (2015). Acquired Thermo-tolerance and Trans-generational Heat Stress Response at Flowering in Rice. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science. 202, 309-319. DOI:10.1111/jac.12157.
Pathour, S., Chakravarthy, A. K., Bheemanahalli, R., & Bhanu, K. R. M. (2014). DNA Barcoding Reveals the Occurrence of Cryptic Species in Host-associated Population of Conogethes Punctiferalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae). Applied Entomology and Zoology. 49(2), 283-295. DOI:10.1007/s13355-014-0248-0.
Bheemanahalli, R., Beerasandra, N. B., Malagondanahalli, M., Kambalimath, S., Mavinahalli, R., Basavaiah, M., Makarla, U., & Sreeman, M. S. (2014). Root Traits and Cellular Level Tolerance Hold the Key in Maintaining Higher Spikelet Fertility of Rice under Water-limited Conditions. Functional Plant Biology. 41, 930-939. DOI:10.1071/FP13291.
Sridevi, G., Bheemanahalli, R., Malagondanahalli, M., & Sreeman, M. S. (2012). Assessment of Genetic Diversity across Differentially Adopted Rice Ecotypes. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding. Indian Society of Plant Breeders. 3, 634-638. [Document Site]
Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers
Samiappan, S., Zhou, M., Bheemanahalli, R., Brooks, J., & Wubben, M. (2021). Early Detection of Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne Incognita) Infestation in Cotton Using Hyperspectral Data. Proceedings of 2021 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium IGARSS. Brussels, Belgium: IEEE. DOI:10.1109/IGARSS47720.2021.9554055. [Abstract] [Document Site]
Web Publications
Erlandson, S., Bheemanahalli, R., Kodadinne Narayana, N., Johnson, M., Graham, C., Jagadish, S. V. K., & Subramanian, S. (2021). Evidence for Microbiome-dependent Chilling Tolerance in Sorghum. bioRxiv (preprint). DOI:10.1101/2021.03.02.433195.
Thesis and Dissertation
Bheemanahalli, R. (2013). Discovery of QTL for Root Traits and Water Use Efficiency in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) and Their Validation-A Combined Approach of Association Analysis and Linkage Mapping. University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru: Krishikosh repository. [Document Site]
Bheemanahalli, R. (2009). Development of SNP Marker for Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Lines Contrasting for Root Traits Using Candidate Genes. M.Sc Thesis. University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore: Krishikosh repository. 154. [Document Site]