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Advancing Agricultural Research through High-Performance Computing

Project Impacts

In working to solve some of today's most challenging agriculture and food security issues, the AAR-HPC project aligns the efforts of Mississippi State University and the USDA-Agriculture Research Service to:

  • Increase the high-performance computing capabilities of the USDA-ARS with the addition of a new supercomputer housed at Mississippi State University's High-Performance Computing Collaboratory.

  • Promote the exchange of knowledge with the delivery of training and workshops by Mississippi State University faculty and staff in the area of geospatial technology, epidemiology, bioinformatics, data-science, and landscape ecology; and

  • Support the development of collaborative research projects that analyze large volumes and types of data using a high-performance computing environment to develop tools and algorithms that are broadly applicable within agriculture research.
To learn more about the efforts of this project and the progress being made, please visit our project story map at: