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GRI Intellectual Property Moves from Research to Development to Marketplace

March 25, 2015

Researchers at the Geosystems Research Institute, an HPC2 member institute, have created innovative geospatial technology that is being launched into the market place with the help of Mississippi State's Office of Technology Management. CompassData, a Colorado company, recognized the high value of GRI research and liscensed the intellectual property and software tools from a university spin-off company, Spatial Information Systems, and then rebranded them. The new CompassV&V products include CompassAA, for orthorectified image verification, and CompassTA, for QA/QC of elevation data.  The CompassV&V tools are used extensively with custom and archived GCP to verify the accuracy of geospatial imagery, surface and elevation models and many other spatial products, according to the company. Read more about the successful partnership and commercialization of a research product developed by MSU faculty for the private sector.