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GRI Personnel Win Awards

April 30, 2013

2013 GRI Research Associate of the Year:

Congratulations go out to Dr. John Ramirez-Avila on being selected GRI
Research Associate of the year. Dr. Ramirez-Avila has over 15 years of
professional experience and has distinguished himself as a leading
authority in hydrologic modeling. His specialties include environmental
hydrology, soils, agronomy and numerical modeling. He has demonstrated
experience in designing and implementing research projects and his field
and analytical skills are excellent. His papers and publications are of
the highest quality as evidenced by the awards he has received from
regional, national and international award competitions. Dr.
Ramirez-Avila is an accomplished researcher and is highly deserving of
this award.

2013 ORED Research Support Staff Award, Centers and Institutes:

Congratulations to Lee Hathcock on receiving the ORED Research Support
Staff Award, Centers and Institutes. Lee has been an indispensable
researcher in many GRI projects. Lee created the predictive version of
the Hurricane Debris models that were developed as part of a SERRI
project. Also, Lee's research in the development of multiple virtual
machines on a single server system is worthy of recognition by the
University. Lee has been a phenomenal employee for several years and
deserves kudos for all his achievements.

2013 ORED Research Awards Program's Faculty Award:

Finally, congratulations to Dr. Jim Aanstoos who received the 2013 ORED
Research Awards Program's Faculty Award. Dr. Aanstoos is the perfect
candidate for this award. He has an outstanding record of
accomplishments and is internationally known for his expertise in remote
sensing technology. Dr. Aanstoos also serves as an Adjunct Faculty in
the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering where he teaches
courses in the area of Remote Sensing. He has developed cutting-edge
techniques for Earth observation applications and been proactive in
proposal development, securing research funding from various agencies
such as NSF, NASA, NOAA, and DHS. Dr. Aanstoos has over 25 journal
articles and conference proceedings since joining MSU.