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Mashala Pulliam, GRI Senior Account Selected for MSU's 2013 LEAP Class

April 17, 2013

Mashala Pulliam, GRI Senior Accountant, is among 14 Mississippi State staff members participating in the university's 2013 Learning Experience for Aspiring Professionals program.

Gathering recently for the first time, they were congratulated and welcomed by Provost and Executive Vice President Jerry Gilbert. He also provided them with an overview of the program goals and expectations.

Over the next nine months, members will be meeting with a variety of campus and community leaders and representatives to discuss, explore and understand the current and future goals and priorities of the 135-year-old land-grant institution and its departments.

University operations, building effective teams, managing employee performance, building relationships and influence, and strategic thinking are among the topics covered at the sessions.

A LEAP graduation presentation and reception will be held in December.