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Thursday, January 15, 2015

PrecisionHawk Lancaster

PrecisionHawk Takeoff

PrecisionHawk Landing

PrecisionHawk works on water.

In January 2015, we purchased a PrecisionHawk Lancaster MKiii (www.PrecisionHawk.com). We are looking forward to flying the PrecisionHawk Lancaster. The Lancaster weighs 3lbs, and can carry a 2.2lb swappable payload. The PrecisionHawk Team is developing five different payloads for the platform we will be able to utilize. We will currently be flying with an RGB sensor; however, we will be able to interchange with multispectral, thermal, LiDAR, or hyperspectral payloads should the need arise. The platform will be utilized for crop monitoring, surveying, and stand counts. The ability to attach floats for water takeoffs and landings also opens up possibilities for river and coastal area work in the future.

Image taken at 400ft. Original Size: 4608x3072

Image taken at 200ft. Original Size: 4608x3072