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GRI Publications for Russell Kincaid
Peer-Reviewed Journals
Zhu, F., Yao, H., Hruska, Z., Kincaid, R., Brown, R. L., Bhatnagar, D., & Cleveland, T. E. (2016). Integration of Fluorescence and Reflectance Visible Near-Infrared (VNIR) Hyperspectral Images for Detection of Aflatoxins in Corn Kernels. Transactions of the ASABE. 59(3), 785-794. DOI:10.13031/trans.59.11365. [Document]

Non-Refereed Conference Abstracts
Hruska, Z., Yao, H., Kincaid, R., Zhu, F., Brown, R. L., & Bhatnagar, D. (2016). Evaluating the BGY Fluorescence Signal in Maize Kernels Inoculated with Various Aflatoxin-producing Fungi Using Fluorescence Hyperspectral Imaging. 9th Conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum and the XIVth IUPAC International Symposium on Mycotoxins. Winnipeg, Canada.

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