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A Five-Year Perspective on the Benchmark Study for Grower Attitudes Regarding Glyphosate Resistance

Prince Czarnecki, J. M., Shaw, D. R., Givens, W. A., Weller, S. C., Young, B. G., Wilson, R. G., Owen, M. D. K., & Jordan, D. (2011). A Five-Year Perspective on the Benchmark Study for Grower Attitudes Regarding Glyphosate Resistance. Proceedings of the Southern Weed Science Society. San Juan, Puerto Rico.


A 2010 grower survey was administered to almost 1300 growers in 22 states, with an additional 350 growers who had participated in a 2005 Benchmark Survey. Growers were asked to report any changes to their weed management programs in the previous three years. They were also asked if they had made specific changes in weed management to address issues of glyphosate resistance, and if so, why these changes had been made. The majority of growers had not made changes to weed management plans in the previous three years; however, 75% reported using weed management practices targeted at GR weeds. Growers were asked to rate their efforts at controlling GR weeds. Growers were also asked to rate the effectiveness of various practices for controlling/preventing glyphosate-resistant (GR) weeds whether they were personally using them or not. Using the herbicide label rate, scouting fields, and rotating crops were among the practices considered most effective at helping managing GR weeds. Sixty-seven percent of growers stated they had been effective at controlling GR weeds. When compared with the answers of participants of the 2005 Benchmark Survey, a significant increase was noted in the percentage of those growers employing specific actions to manage GR weeds. The relative effectiveness of methods remained the same, but the effectiveness rating of tillage and the use of post-applied and residual herbicides increased. However, the perception and adoption of these practices is still not at the level research and industry would determine to be sufficient.

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