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Suspended Sediment Transport in a Southeastern Plains Watershed

Ramirez-Avila, J. J. (2010). Suspended Sediment Transport in a Southeastern Plains Watershed. Conference Proceedings. 2010 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress: ASCE-EWRI.


Suspended sediment concentration and yields were studied in the Town Creek watershed in the Southeastern Plains Ecoregion, Mississippi in order to identify suspended sediment transport trends and possible mechanisms driving sediment supply and exportation within and from Southeastern Plains watersheds. Mean flow, and suspended sediment concentrations, loads and yields from grab samples monitoring at 7 stations along the principal channel were evaluated. High spatial and temporal variability of flow and suspended sediment concentrations, discharges and yields were observed within the watershed. Erosive processes dominate suspended sediment transport in northern headwater channels, while deposition tends to control the sediment transport process in downstream channels. A suspended sediment transport relation was developed indicating (1) a low availability of suspended sediment for low flow or base flow conditions and (2) storm flows were responsible for exporting suspended sediment from the watershed. Adoption and implementation of management practices are necessary within Town Creek watershed to have measurable improvements in water quality. The suspended sediment analysis presented in this document could be used to characterize suspended sediment loads and yields within similar Southeastern Plains Ecoregion watersheds.

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