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Benchmark Study: II. A 2010 Survey to Assess Grower Awareness of and Attitudes toward Glyphosate Resistance

Prince Czarnecki, J. M., Shaw, D. R., Givens, W. A., Newman, M. E., Owen, M. D., Weller, S. C., Young, B. G., Wilson, R. G., & Jordan, D. L. (2012). Benchmark Study: II. A 2010 Survey to Assess Grower Awareness of and Attitudes toward Glyphosate Resistance. Weed Technology. 26, 531-535.


A 2010 survey of 1,299 corn, cotton, and soybean growers was conducted to determine their attitudes and awareness regarding glyphosate-resistant (GR) weeds and resultant implications on weed management practices. An additional 350 growers included in the current study participated in a 2005 survey, and these answers were compared across time so that cross-sectional and longitudinal comparisons of responses could be made. Most growers surveyed in 2010 were aware of the potential for weeds to evolve resistance to glyphosate; however, many growers were not aware of glyphosate resistance in specific weeds in their county or state. Growers in the South were different from growers in other geographic regions and were significantly more aware of local cases of GR weeds. Awareness of GR weeds did not increase appreciably from 2005 to 2010, but the percentage who reported GR weeds as problematic was significantly higher. Grower reports of GR weeds on-farm in 2010 were up considerably from 2005, with growers in the South reporting significantly more instances than growers in other regions. Growers in the South were also more likely to consider glyphosate resistance a serious problem. Overall, 30% of growers did not consider GR weeds to be a problem. It appears that most growers received information about glyphosate resistance from farm publications, although in the South this percentage was less than for other geographic regions. Growers in the South received more information from universities and extension sources.

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