GRI Students Receive Awards at Recent Mid-South ASPRS Conference

Geosystems Research Institute
December 14, 2004

At the recent Mid-South Chapter of the American Society ofPhotogrammetry and Remote Sensing conference, two GRI studentsreceived awards: Darrin Dodds placed first in the poster contest and second in the papercontest. Titles of these were:
  • Poster (1st Place) - Site-Specific Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Cotton Based on Remotely Sensed Aerial Imagery. D.M. Dodds, D.B. Reynolds, M.T. Kirkpatrick, J.J. Walton, C.G. O'Hara, and J.L. Willers.
  • Oral Presentation (2nd Place) - Differentiating Weed Species From Background Components Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing. D.M. Dodds, D.R. Shaw, L. M. Bruce, J.D. Byrd Jr., J.H. Massey, D.B. Reynolds, L.T. Barber, J.W. Barnett, N.W. Buehring, K.D. Burnell, C.J. Gray, W.B. Henry, K.C. Hutto, F.S. Kelley, C.T. Leon, C.H. Koger, D.B. Mask, W.G. Powell, and J.C. Sanders.
Wade Givens placed first in the paper contest. Title of hispresentation was:
  • Texture Analysis or Remotely-Sensed Images for Weed Patch Detection in Soybean. W.A. Givens, D.R. Shaw, A. Mathur, and L.M. Bruce.

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