GeoResources Institute Assists Pearl River Valley Water Supply District with Tools for Digitizing Records

Geosystems Research Institute
October 15, 2003

Brandon, MS - The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD) can start saving much more paper and saving on copying fees. Board members will no longer be forced to hover over a few copies of a map distributed between them. Thanks to a deal done with Mississippi State University's GeoResources Institute (GRI), board members can now look at presentations and maps on a "Smartscreen", an interactive projection screen.

The Smartscreen came as a bonus of a program that the PRVWSD has elected to utilize the services of the GRI. The GRI and PRVWSD are in the process of digitizing a colossal amount of the District's paper records. This will make recordkeeping more compact and will make it easier to retrieve and present via the Smartscreen.

Mary Love Tagert, the GRI's Geographical Information Systems (GIS) specialist, has been working with the PRVWSD for some time now to build a growing library of digital aerial images for access so that they can use the system for water and sewer purposes. An overhead physical image can be captured of neighborhoods, then pipe diagrams, etc. can be incorporated into the images.

--This article originally appeared in the Rankin County News, Brandon, MS

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