GRI Researchers to Conduct Studies on Ross Barnett Reservoir

Geosystems Research Institute
June 28, 2011

Over the next several weeks, GRI researchers will be conducting dye studies on five specific locations on the Ross Barnett Reservoir. These studies will utilize a water trace dye in a low concentration in order to gain a better understanding of water movement in these areas. Water tracer dyes are used commonly for studies of stream characteristics such as flow rate and mixing and are used nationwide for these applications. The dye dissipates quickly and is harmless to humans, fish, wildlife, and vegetation at the rates used in these studies. Instrumentation is used to obtain the results of the study; however, the human eye may detect a reddish tint to the water in the areas where the dye is applied.

For more information and pictures on the studies, please visit the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District facebook page.

The Rez News released an article on the dye studies and can be viewed at

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