GRI Researcher's Expertise Reaches Abroad

Geosystems Research Institute
October 11, 2010

Quite often, GRI researchers collaborate with other universities and local, state, and regional agencies and industry, but Dr. John Madsen’s expertise is now being sought after by countries abroad. Madsen’s knowledge of aquatic invasive species has been in high demand by agencies in states outside of our region such as Montana and Idaho, and his research efforts have even garnered a Governor’s recognition for his service. Most recently, however, he has been contributing to efforts abroad – particularly Sweden.

Madsen has just lately contributed to a report which investigated how to treat Yellow floating heart (N. peltata) found in Swedish lakes. The report was titled "Action against Foreign Invasive Aquatic Plants in Freshwater - State of Knowledge Today, and Advice for the Future" and was published by NATURVARDSVERKET, the Swedish protection agency equivalent to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Dr. Madsen’s expertise has also been requested for a new Swedish project which will look at the possible change of the macrophyte community when lowering the water levels in Lake Vanern, the largest lake in Sweden.

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A copy of the Swedish report can be found at:

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