GRI Researchers to Help Develop a Climate Literacy Partnership in the Southeastern United States

Geosystems Research Institute
October 5, 2010

GRI researchers will be involved in the Climate Literacy Partnership in the Southeast (CLIPSE) project which will aim to gather fact-based, non-advocacy information and will lead to a better understanding of people's views and ultimately to the creation of a strategic plan for educating the public.

A $1 million National Science Foundation grant is helping Mississippi State researchers bring together a diverse group of educators, theologians, psychologists, geoscientists, economists, engineers, and others to provide education on the local effects of climate change.

Karen McNeal, Geosciences assistant professor and GRI researcher, will serve as CLIPSE's principal investigator.

Other GRI researchers involved in the project include Valentine Aranatharaj, GRI associate professor, and Deepak Mishra, Geosciences assistant professor.

CLIPSE is funded through the National Science Foundation's Climate Change Education Program.

For more information please visit: Mississippi State University

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