GRI Collaborating with GTD on Mediterranean Sea Applications

Geosystems Research Institute
November 9, 2007

GRI researchers are coordinating with GTD, a Spanish information technology contractor for the European Space Agency, to create similar terminology for marine and coastal applications in the Mediterranean Sea. The European Space Agency, ESA, wanted to work with MSU because of GRI's expertise in semantic development through the Northern Gulf Institute. Similar ontology allows easier knowledge discovery, greater meaning and higher likelihood of comparable knowledge between MSU and ESA findings.

The project, Semantics Driven Framework for Resource and Knowledge Discovery, will result in a systems requirement engineering vocabulary that will help scientists identify and use relevant earth observation information resources. The vocabulary will allow scientists to plumb the depths of ESA earth observation image archives.

GRI researchers will work with GTD, exchanging information, identifying common approaches and comparing results. In their respective bodies of water, MSU and GTD are trying to test the breadth and depth of their resources through semantic technology. The two organizations will share information on their user requirements, validation use cases, system requirements, and ontological artifacts. In the end, the two organizations will have a common vocabulary for similar use of earth observation resources. GTD is also creating their applications to be compatible with those MSU has created.

MSU began its ontological work by developing schemes for North American Land Characterization and a shared vocabulary to allow queries between the six different characterization schemes. Dr. Roger King explained MSU's work in the field in a keynote address during a symposium for space exploration partners in Europe in June.

To create the terminology for the Mediterranean, GTD is consulting with imaging, coastal and environmental agencies in Europe. These include Satellite Operating Systems, European Union Satellite Centre, European Environmental Agency and Integrated Coastal Zone Management. GTD is also consulting those with expertise in ontology.

The European Space Agency is an inter-governmental organization of 17 member states. Many of those member states also have separate national space exploration agencies.

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