GRI's Publication Coordinator Joins HPC2 Publication Group

Geosystems Research Institute
May 8, 2007

Debbie McBride has joined the High Performance Computing Collaboratory Publishing Group to provide a "cohesive and collaborative effort for the exchange of information within the HPC2 and to the public." Ms. McBride will serve as supervisor and lead person within the group.

Trey Breckenridge, the High Performance Computing Resources and Operations Administrator for the HPC2, states in a recent e-mail that this decision is "an effort to benefit all HPC2 centers and institutes by providing additional editorial and creative services."

Mr. Breckenridge adds, "Debbie brings much-needed expertise in copywriting for a variety of target audiences to the HPC2 Publishing Group, along with an experienced eye for professional layout and design, and the ability to establish unique ways to convey and disseminate information. Her editorial skills and communication ideas will blend perfectly with the existing design skills of the highly-talented graphic artists already a part of the Group."

The talented staff of the HPC2 Publishing group consist of Debbie McBride, Martin Rendon, Dianna Janus, Bethany Stroud, and Jennifer Brou. The group is located in HPC Room 105 and CAVS Room 2130. The Publishing Group can be contacted via e-mail at

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