Gary N. Ervin

Office: Harned 221
Phone: (662) 325-1203

Mailstop 9536
Mississippi State, MS 39762

I am a Plant Ecologist and Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Mississippi State. I began this position in Fall of 2001, after a postdoc in the Department of Entomology at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

I earned my BS (1996) and PhD (2000) in Biological Sciences from the University of Alabama–Tuscaloosa. During my doctoral studies, I worked in the area of wetland plant ecology, focusing primarily on the freshwater rush species, Juncus effusus.

My postdoctoral research at the University of Arkansas dealt with biochemical plant defense responses to insect herbivores. That work used herbivores in the Heliothis-Helicoverpa group of moths (corn earworm, tobacco budworm, etc.), and used both native and cultivated plant species (tomato, tobacco, ground cherry) as study subjects.

I have served on editorial boards of the journals Southeastern Naturalist and Wetlands, the latter of which honored me as the Doug Wilcox Outstanding Associate Editor in 2009.
Research Interest:
I am a Plant Ecologist with interests in wetlands and species invasion. Most of my current research focuses on the ecology of restored wetlands, primarily in the agricultural areas of northwestern Mississippi (i.e., the "Delta"). However, my graduate students typically work in a diversity of habitats and focus on a variety of conservation issues in natural and managed ecosystems.

Selected PublicationsTotal Publications by Gary N. Ervin:  188 
Lucardi, R. D., & Ervin, G. N. (2014). Invasion, Part Two: Patterns of Genetic Diversity Following Expansion in the Novel Range. Invasion Genetics: The Baker and Stebbins Legacy Symposium. Asilomar, CA.

Woodard, A. M., Marsico, T. D., & Ervin, G. N. (2012). Host Plant Defense Priming in Response to a Coevolved Herbivore Combats Introduced Herbivore Attack. Ecology and Evolution. ., .DOI:10.1002/ece3.224.

Ervin, G. N., & Holly, D. C. (2011). Examining Local Transferability of Predictive Species Distribution Models for Invasive Plants: An Example with Cogongrass (Imperata Cylindrica). Invasive Plant Science and Management. 4, 390-401.

Marsico, T. D., Wallace, L., Ervin, G. N., Brooks, C., McClure, J. E., & Welch, M. E. (2011). Geographic Patterns of Genetic Diversity from the Native Range of Cactoblastis Cactorum (Berg) Support the Documented History of Invasion and Multiple Introductions for Invasive Populations. Biological Invasions. 13, 857-868. [Document Site]

Bryson, C. T., Krutz, L. J., Ervin, G. N., Reddy, K. N., & Byrd, J. D., Jr. (2010). Ecotype Variability and Edaphic Characteristics for Cogongrass (Imperata Cylindrica) Populations in Mississippi. Invasive Plant Science and Management. 3, 199-207. [Document Site]

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