Based at Mississippi State University, the Geosystems Research Institute serves as a partner and research resource for government agencies at the state, local, federal, and international level, as well as for commercial entities desiring to expand their current technical capabilities or to diversify into new market opportunities. Our programs are built upon the wide range of expertise and infrastructure available across the University, and through cooperative agreements with other academic and research groups.

Each of the units that have been melded to comprise the GRI has a specialized constituency, and in many cases cooperative programs cross domain boundaries to bring technologies common to one group into the awareness of another. This provides expanded opportunities for joint efforts, using the varied talents of diverse groups to answer the needs of sponsoring organizations.

Through participation in such programs as the Mississippi Enterprise for Technology, the Mississippi Space Commerce Initiative (now known as the Enterprise for Innovative Geospatial Solutions), and the Mississippi State University Research and Technology Corporation, as well as through direct contact with national and international commercial and agency entities, the GRI has established and maintained a large number of cooperative programs. Our technical, administrative, and business-building expertise is recognized in many domains, including computational sciences and engineering, image processing and development of middleware and toolkits for automation of processing, visualization of very large datasets, renewable and nonrenewable resource management, remote sensing, geolibraries, high-performance computing, education and Extension Service programs, geographical information systems, information-product development, verification, and validation, invasive and endangered species management, agriculture, aquaculture, environmental monitoring, water resource management, oceanography, and atmospheric sciences. In each case, it has been the charter of GRI to provide proof-of-concept testing, development and evaluation of prototypes, and movement of the product into practical use. Through sharing of expertise and resources, our programs have successfully moved technologies from concept to routine utilization.

Here is a partial (and growing) list of GRI's partners:
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