Bo Tang
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mississippi State University

University of Rhode Island, 2016


Phone: 662-325-8757

Research Interests
Machine Learning
Data Mining, and Distributed Computing and their applications in:
1.Cyber-physical Systems
2. Remote sensing
3. Autonomous vehicles
4. Power systems

Current Research Projects
My current research project at GRI is "Advancement of UAS/UAV Application System" supported by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Most Current Publications:
Q. Du, Bo Tang, W. Xie, and W. Li. Parallel and Distributed Computing for Anomaly Detection from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery. Proceedings of IEEE, In Press, 2021. [Impact Factor: 10.252]

J. Peng, H. Li, Bo Tang. Overcoming Long-term Catastrophic Forgetting through Adversarial Neural Pruning and Synaptic Consolidation. IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, In Press, 2021. [Impact Factor: 11.683]

L. Chen, X. Hu, Bo Tang and Y. Cheng. Conditional DQN-based Motion Planning with Fuzzy Logic for Autonomous Driving. IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems, In Press, 2020. [Impact Factor: 6.319]

S. Sharma, Bo Tang, J. Ball, D. CARRUTH, and L. Dabbiru. Recursive Multi-Scale Image Deraining with Sub-Pixel Convolution Based Feature Fusion and Context Aggregation. IEEE Access, In Press, 2020. [Impact Factor: 3.745]

S. Xiang and Bo Tang. CSLM: Convertible Short-term and Long-term Memory in Differential Neural Computers. IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, In Press, 2020. [Impact Factor: 11.683]

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