Ganesh C. Bora
Associate Professor
Agricultural and Biological Engineering

PhD in Biological and Agricultural Engineering (Precision Ag)
Kansas State University, 2005


Phone: 662-325-3155

Research Interests
Precision Agriculture, UAS Applications, Data Management, Machinery Systems, Sensors Applications, Mechanical Harvesting,

Current Research Projects
Development of a Processing Tool for Aerial Imagery and Sensor Data and Delivery Systems to End Users in Precision Agriculture

Evaluation of in-field-crop sensors for variable rate nitrogen application and yield prediction in corn

Remote Sensing technology to Detect and Identify Iron Deficiency chlorosis (IDC) in Soybeans

Precision Planting for Good Plant Stand and Population to Eliminate Yield Variability in Corn

Most Current Publications:
Subhashree, S. N., C. Igathinathane, G. C. Bora, D. Ripplinger and L. Backer. 2017. Optimized location of biomass bales stack for efficient logistics. Biomass and Bioenergy 96 (2017) 130-141.

Hao, Y., T. Cui, G. C. Bora, D. Zhang, J. Wei, X. He, M. Wang and L. Yang. 2017. Development of an instrument to measure planter seed meter performance. In Print. Applied Engineering in Agriculture.

Bora G. C. Bora, D. Lin, P. Bhattacharya, S. K. Bali, R. Pathak. 2015. Application of Bio-image Analysis for Classification of Different Ripening Stages of Banana. Journal of Agricultural Science, Vol. 7, No. 2: 152-160.

Bora, G. C., P. Mistry and D. Lin. 2015. Evaluation of sensors for sensing characteristics and field of view for variable rate technology in grape vineyards in North Dakota. Journal of Applied Horticulture, Vol. 17 (2): 18-22.

Bora, G. C., S. Bali, and P. Mistry. 2014. Impact of Climate variability on yield of Spring Wheat in North Dakota. American Journal of Climate Change (2014) 3, 366 - 377.

Z. M. Khazimov, G. C. Bora, K. M. Khazimov, and M. Z. Khazimov. 2014. Modelling of the Motion of Free Convective Drying Agent in Plastic Helio Dryer. Journal of Engineering Thermophysics, Vol. 23, No. 4: pp 306-315.

K. M. Khazimov, G. C. Bora, B. A. Urmashev, M. Z. Khazimov, Z. M. Khazimov. 2014. Computation of Optimal Structural and Technical Parameters of Solar Dryer. International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT) Volume 4, Issue 1, P.258-268.

M. Kumar, G. C. Bora and D. Lin. 2013. Estimation of geometric parameters and the volume of selected beans using image processing technique. Journal of Food Measurement & Characterization (2013) 7:81-89.

Bora, G. C., J. F. Nowatzki, D. C. Roberts. 2012. Energy Savings by Adopting Precision Agriculture in Rural United States. Energy, Sustainability and Society 2012, 2:22.

K. Agrawal, K Singh, G. C. Bora and Don Lin 2012. Weed Recognition Using Image-Processing Technique Based on Leaf Parameters. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, Vol. 2 (8B): 899-908.

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