Yang Zhao
Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Mississippi State University

PhD in Animal Sciences/Farm Technology
Wageningen University, The Netherlands, 2011

Web: www.abe.msstate.edu

Email: yzhao@abe.msstate.edu
Phone: 662-325-7347

Research Interests
Precision Animal Farming
Animal Housing System
Environmental Management in Animal Houses
Indoor Air Quality and Air Emission
Animal Welfare and Behavior
Airborne Transmission of Pathogens

Current Research Projects
Will be developed in collaboration.

Most Current Publications:
Li. L., Y. Zhao, J. Oliveira, W. Verhoijsen, H. Xin. 2017. A UHF RFID System for Studying Individual Feeding and Nesting Behaviors of Group-housed Laying Hens. Transactions of the ASABE (Under review).

Shepherd, T.A., H. Xin, J.P. Stinn, M.D. Hayes, Y. Zhao, H. Li. 2017. Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Three Laying Hen Housing Systems as Affected by Manure Accumulation Time. Transactions of the ASABE (Under review).

Chai, L., Y. Zhao, H. Xin, T. Wang, A. Atilgan, M. Soupir, K. Liu. 2017. Reduction of Particulate Matter and Ammonia by Spraying Acidic Electrolyzed Water onto a Litter of Aviary Hen Houses: A Lab-Scale Study. Transactions of the ASABE (Accepted).

Zhao, Y., H. Xin, J. Harmon, T.J. Baas. 2016. Mortality Rate of Weaned and Feeder Pigs as Affected by Ground Transportation Conditions. Transactions of the ASABE 59(4):943-948.

Zhao, Y., D. Zhao, H. Ma, K. Liu, A. Atilgan, H. Xin. 2016. Environmental Assessment of Three Egg Production Systems, Part 3: Airborne Bacteria Concentrations and Emissions. Poultry Science 95(7):1473-1481.

Ma, H., H. Xin, Y. Zhao, B. Li, T.A. Shepherd, I. Alvarez-Castro. 2016. Assessment of Lighting Needs by W-36 Laying Hens via Preference Test. Animal 10(4):671-680.

Long, H., Y. Zhao, H. Xin, H. Hansen, Z. Ning, T. Wang. 2016. Effect of Light-emitting Diode (LED) vs. Fluorescent (FL) Lighting on Laying Hens in Aviary Hen Houses: Part 2: Egg Quality, Shelf Life and Lipid Composition. Poultry Science 95(1):115-124.

Long, H., Y. Zhao, T. Wang, Z. Ning, H. Xin. 2016. Effect of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) vs. Fluorescent (FL) Lighting on Laying Hens in Aviary Hen Houses: Part 1: Operational Characteristics of Lights and Production Traits of Hens. Poultry Science 95(1):1-11.

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