Daniel Petrolia
Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural Economics
Mississippi State University

PhD in Agricultural & Applied Economics
University of Minnesota, 2005

Web: www.agecon.msstate.edu

Email: d.petrolia@msstate.edu
Phone: 228-688-3099

Research Interests
Environmental economics, non-market valuation, benefit-cost analysis, policy analysis, and coastal wetland restoration

Current Research Projects
Co-Principal Investigator, with R.H. Caffey and I. Georgiou. "Economic and Geomorphic Comparison of OCS Sand vs. Nearshore Sand for Coastal Restoration Projects." Bureau of Ocean Energy Management--LSU Coastal Marine Institute Cooperative Agreement. June 1, 2015--May 31, 2018.

Principal Investigator, with John Cartwright. "Linking Community Rating System Activities to Economic and Environmental Characteristics:Toward a Measure of Flood Resilience." 2014 Special Competition for the Resilient Communities and Economies Focus Area, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium. December 1, 2014--November 30, 2016.

Principal Investigator, with J. Hwang and K.W. Hood. "Identifying New Market Opportunities for U.S. Catfish." Strategic Research Initiative, Mississippi Agricultural & Forestry Experiment Station, Mississippi State University. January 1, 2014--June 30, 2015.

Co-Principal Investigator, with R.F. Kazmierczak, R.H. Caffey, and J.M. Fannin. "The Economic Benefits of the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System (GCOOS)." Bureau of Ocean Energy Management--LSU Coastal Marine Institute Cooperative Agreement. August 17, 2013--May 15, 2017.

Co-Principal Investigator, with K.H. Coble. "Policies to Develop Perennial Grass-based Advanced Biofuel Supply Chains in the Southeast U.S." National Institute of Food & Agriculture-Agriculture & Food Research Initiative. September 15, 2012--June 30, 2016.

Principal Investigator, with K.W. Hood and L. Falconer. "Economics, Marketing, and Policy Impacts on Catfish Production." USDA-ARS Special Cooperative Agreement. September 15, 2013--September 14, 2014.

Principal Investigator, with W.C. Walton. "A National Survey of Consumer Preferences for Branded Gulf Oysters and Risk Perceptions of Gulf Seafood." Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium. February 1, 2012--July 31, 2014.

Co-Principal Investigator, with R.H. Caffey, M.G. Interis, R.F. Kazmierczak, W.R. Keithly, and I.A. Mendelssohn. "Integrating Revealed and Stated Preference Approaches for Ecosystem Service Valuation." Gulf of Mexico Regional Sea Grant Programs. February 1, 2012--January 31, 2014.

Principal Investigator, with K.H. Coble, M.G. Interis, and C.E. Landry. "Toward an Understanding of Gulf Coast Resident Preferences and Perceptions on Risk and Restoration." National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to the Northern Gulf Institute. October 1, 2009--September 30, 2011.

Principal Investigator, with S. Bhattarcharjee, K.H. Coble, G. Evans, T.R. Hanson, A. Harri, T. Kim, C.E. Landry, K. Morgan, A. Muhammad, A. Myles, B. Posadas, J.V. Westra. "Developing a Foundation for Analysis of Natural and Human-Induced Disturbances to Coastal Economies." National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to the Northern Gulf Institute. February 1, 2007--August 31, 2010.

Co-Principal Investigator, with R.H. Caffey. "Economic Assessment of Rapid Land-Building Technologies for Coastal Restoration." National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. Coastal Restoration and Enhancement through Science and Technology program. July 1, 2007--June 30, 2009.

Most Current Publications:
Interis, M.G. and D.R. Petrolia. "Location, Location, Habitat: How the Value of Ecosystem Services Varies Across Location and by Habitat." Forthcoming in Land Economics.

Interis, M.G., C. Xu, D.R. Petrolia, and K.T. Coatney. "Examining Unconditional Preference Revelation in Choice Experiments: A Voting Game Approach." Forthcoming in Journal of Environment Economics & Policy.

Petrolia, D.R. J. Hwang, C.E. Landry, and K.H. Coble. 2015. "Wind Insurance and Mitigation in the Coastal Zone." Land Economics 91(2): 272-95.

Petrolia, Daniel R. 2015. "What Have We Learned from the Deepwater Horizon Disaster? An Economist's Perspective." Journal of Ocean & Coastal Economics 2014(1): Article 1.

Sun, C., J.C. Mingie, D.R. Petrolia, and W.D.Jones. 2015. "Economic Impacts of Nonresidential Wildlife Watching in the United States." Forest Science 61(1): 46-54.

Petrolia, D.R., M.G. Interis, J. Hwang. 2014. "America's Wetland? A National Survey of Willingness to Pay for Restoration of Louisiana's Coastal Wetlands." Marine Resource Economics 29(1): 17-37.

Caffey, R.H., H. Wang, and D.R. Petrolia. 2014. "Trajectory Economics: Assessing the Flow of Ecosystem Services from Coastal Restoration." Ecological Economics100: 74-84.

Hwang, J., D.R. Petrolia, and M.G. Interis. 2014. "Valuation, Consequentiality, and Opt-Out Responses to Stated Preference Surveys." Agricultural & Resource Economics Review 43(3):471-88.

Interis, M.G. and D.R. Petrolia. 2014. "The Effects of Consequentiality in Binary-and Multinomial-Choice Surveys." Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics 39(2):1-16.

Petrolia, D.R., C.E. Landry, and K.H.Coble. 2013. "Risk Preferences, Risk Perceptions, and Flood Insurance." Land Economics 89(2):227-45.

Haab, T.C., M.G. Interis, D.R. Petrolia, and J.C.Whitehead. 2013. "From Hopeless to Curious? Comments on Hausmanss 'Dubious to Hopeless' Critique of Contingent Valuation.'" Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 35(4): 593-612.

Kim, T. and D.R. Petrolia. 2013. "Public Perceptions of Wetland Restoration Benefits in Louisiana." ICES Journal of Marine Science 70(5):1045-54.

Kim, G., D.R. Petrolia, and M.G. Interis. 2012. "A Method for Improving Welfare Estimates from Multiple Referendum Surveys." Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 37(2):1-13.

Petrolia, D.R. and T. Kim. 2011. "Contingent Valuation with Heterogeneous Reasons for Uncertainty." Resource and Energy Economics 33(3):515-26.

Petrolia, D.R. and M.G. Interis. 2011. "What Environmental Economists Think Every Conservation Biologist Should Know: A Reply to Gowdy et al." Conservation Biology 25(3):625-30.

Petrolia, D. R. and T. Kim. 2011. "Preventing Land Loss in Coastal Louisiana: Estimates of WTP and WTA." Journal of Environmental Management 92(3):859-65.

Petrolia, D.R., S. Bhattacharjee, and T.R. Hanson. 2011. "Heterogeneous Evacuation Responses to Storm Forecast Attributes." Natural Hazards Review 12(3):117-24.

Petrolia, D.R., R.G. Moore, and T. Kim. 2011. "Preferences for Timing of Wetland Loss Prevention in Louisiana." Wetlands 31(2): 295-307.

Linton, J.L., J.C. Miller, R.D. Little, D.R. Petrolia, and K.C. Coble. 2011. "Economic Feasibility of Producing Sweet Sorghum as an Ethanol Feedstock in the Southeastern United States." Biomass & Bioenergy 35(7):3050-7.

Gowda, P.H., J.V. Westra, D.R. Petrolia, B.J. Dalzell, D.J. Mulla. 2011. "Impact of Targeted Removal of Residue Cover on Water Quality in the Sand Creek Watershed." Journal of Environmental Hydrology 19, Paper 25.

Petrolia, D.R. and S. Bhattacharjee. 2010. "Why Don't Coastal Residents Choose to Evacuate for Hurricanes?: Coastal Management 38(2):97-112.

Petrolia, D.R. and T. Kim. 2009. "What are Barrier Islands Worth? Estimates of Willingness to Pay for Restoration." Marine Resource Economics 24(2):131-46.

Petrolia, D.R. and S. Bhattacharjee. 2009. "Revisiting Incentive Effects: Evidence from a Random-Sample Mail Survey on Consumer Preferences for Fuel Ethanol." Public Opinion Quarterly 73(3):537-50.

Petrolia, D.R. 2008. "An Analysis of the Relationship between Demand for Corn Stover as an Ethanol Feedstock and Soil Erosion." Review of Agricultural Economics 30(4):677-91.

Petrolia, D.R. and P.H. Gowda. 2006. "Missing the Boat: Midwest Farm Drainage and Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia." Review of Agricultural Economics 28(2):240-53.

Petrolia, D.R. and P.H. Gowda. 2006. "An Analysis of the Role of Tile-Drained Farmland under Alternative Nitrogen Abatement Policies." Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 31(3):580-94.

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