Kimberly Wood
Assistant Professor
Department of Geosciences
Mississippi State University

PhD in Atmospheric Sciences
The University of Arizona, 2012


Phone: 662-268-1032,ext:260

Research Interests
Structural evolution of tropical cyclones
Tropical-extratropical interactions
Hazards associated with tropical cyclones
Climate variability
Remote sensing of tropical cyclones and their environments

Current Research Projects
Rapid intensity changes of tropical cyclones
Structure and evolution of tropical cyclones in reanalysis data
Assessing tropical cyclone intensity, structure, and genesis potential of pre-genesis cloud clusters using geostationary satellite data
Impacts of climate variability on tropical cyclone behavior and tropical-extratropical interactions
Socioeconomic impacts of global tropical cyclone landfalls (with M.S. student)
Ability of reforecast data to predict tropical cyclone size changes (with M.S. student)
Ability of reforecast data to predict downstream impacts of western North Pacific tropical cyclones (with M.S. student)

Most Current Publications:
Rodriguez-Herrera, O. G., K. M. Wood, K. P. Dolling, W. T. Black, E. A. Ritchie, and J. S. Tyo, 2015: Objective automatic storm tracking based on the deviation-angle variance method. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 12, 254-258.

Wood, K. M., and E. A. Ritchie, 2014: A 40-year climatology of extra-tropical transition in the eastern North Pacific. J. Climate, 27, 5999-6015. (PDF)

Ritchie, E. A., K. M. Wood, O. G. Rodriguez-Herrera, M. F. Pineros, and J. S. Tyo, 2014: Satellite-derived tropical cyclone intensity in the North Pacific Ocean using the deviation-angle variance technique. Wea. Forecasting, 29, 505-516.

Wood, K. M., and E. A. Ritchie, 2013: An updated climatology of tropical cyclone impacts on the southwestern United States. Mon. Wea. Rev., 141, 4322-4336.

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