Adam Skarke
Assistant Professor of Geology
Department of Geosciences
Mississippi State University

PhD in Geology
University of Delaware, 2013


Phone: 662-268-1032

Research Interests
I have broad research interests in the fields of marine geology and geophysics. Specific research topics include: sediment transport processes, boundary layer hydrodynamics, bedform evolution, coastal morphodynamics, stratigraphy, physical oceanography, seafloor fluid exchange, and ocean mapping. My technical approach is field based and focused on the quantitative analysis of hydrodynamic, geophysical, geological, and meteorological data collected with innovative environmental observing sensors and platforms.

Current Research Projects
Comparative Impacts of Emerging Hurricane Observing Technologies Using Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Orthorectification and Automated Feature Detection for Imagery Collected with Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Analysis of Suspended Sediment Dynamics in Mississippi Sound from Satellite Imagery

Stratigraphic Analysis of a Drowned Fetch-Limited Barrier Island Complex

Automated Extraction of Seafloor Morphologic Parameters from Synthetic Aperture Sonar Imagery

Most Current Publications:

Fitzpatrick, P., Y. Lau, A. Skarke, R. Moorhead, D. Merritt, K. Kreider, C. Brown, R. Carlon, G. Hine, T. Lampoudi, and A. Leonardi. (in review), A Review of the 2014 Gulf of Mexico Wave Glider Field Program, Marine Technology Society Journal.

Skarke, A., C. Ruppel, M. Kodis, D. Brothers, and E. Lobecker (2014), Widespread Methane Leakage from the Sea Floor on the Northern US Atlantic Margin, Nature Geoscience, 7(9), 657-661. doi:10.1038/ngeo2232

Brothers, L., C. Van Dover, C. German, C. Kaiser, D. Yoerger, C. Ruppel, E. Lobecker, A. Skarke, and J. Wagner (2013), Evidence for Extensive Methane Venting on the Southeastern US Atlantic Margin, Geology, 41(7), 807-810. doi: 10.1130/G34217.1

Skarke, A., and A. C. Trembanis (2011), Parameterization of Bedform Morphology and Defect Density with Fingerprint Analysis Techniques, Continental Shelf Research, 31(16), 1688-1700. doi: 10.1016/j.csr.2011.07.009

Trembanis, A., S. Nebel, A. Skarke, D. Coleman, R. Ballard, A. Yankovsky, I. Buynevich, and S. Voronov (2011), Bedforms, Coastal-trapped Waves and Scour Process Observations from the Continental Shelf of the Northern Black Sea, Geological Society of America Special Papers, 473, 165-178. doi:10.1130/2011.2473(10)


Crawford, A., and A. Skarke (2014), Automatic Detection of Sand Ripple Features in Sidescan Sonar Imagery. Proceedings of MTS/IEEE Oceans 2014, Saint Johns, Newfoundland, Canada, Sept 14-19. doi:10.1109/oceans.2014.7003117

Russell, C.W., Pinner, W., Lovalvo, D., Skarke. A., Lobecker, E., Malik, M., and LT M. Nadeau (2012), Technology: NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, in : Bell, K.L.C., K. Elliott, C. Martinez, and S.A. Fuller (Eds.) New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration: The E/V Nautilus and NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer 2011 Field Season. Oceanography, 25(1): 12-14

Kraatz, L.M., A. Skarke, A.C. Trembanis, and C.T. Friedrichs (2011), Approaches for Quantifying Seabed Morphology--Techniques for Utilizing Rotary Sonar Systems. Proceedings of the International Conference on Coastal Sediments 2011.

Schmidt, V., N. Raineault, A. Skarke, A. Trembanis, and L. Mayer (2010), Correction of Bathymetric Survey Artifacts Resulting Apparent Wave-Induced Vertical Position of an AUV, Report for University of New Hampshire (UNH), Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM)/Joint Hydrographic Center (JHC), Durham, NH, 13p.

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