L. Wes Burger, Jr.
Associate Director MAFES/Associate Director FWRC
Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture
Mississippi State University

Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology
University of MIssouri, 1993

Web: www.cfr.msstate.edu

Email: wburger@cfr.msstate.edu
Phone: 662-325-7988

Research Interests
Working lands conservation, avian ecology, agroecology, fire ecology, population biology, landscape ecology, grassland birds, grassland restoration, pine-grassland ecosystems.

Current Research Projects
Native Warm-Season Grass Pastures for Livestock, Wildlife & Ecosystem Services

Widlife Aviation Strikes

New Computer and Satellite Technology in Agriculture, MS

Mississippi Delta Nutrient Management: Positioning Resource Management Agencies for Effective Delivery and Implementation

Effects of biomass production on willdife and plant communities in east-central Mississippi

National CP33 Monitoring Program Phase II: Evaluating Mid-Contract Mangement to Increase Wildlife Benefits

Promoting and Demonstrating the Utility of Native Warm Season Grass Based Biofuels and Field Margins for Pollinators, ...

Mid-Contract Management Effects on Wildlife in CP33 Native Grass Habitat Buffers for Uplnd Birds

Most Current Publications:
Baker, K. L., S. K. Riffell, L. W. Burger, Jr., and F. J. Vilella. 2011. Nestling provisioning of Dickcissels in native warm-season grass field buffers. Wilson Journal of Ornithology (in review).

Conover, R. R., L. W. Burger, Jr., and E. T. Linder. 2011. Grassland Bird Nest Ecology and Survival in Upland Habitat Buffers near Wooded Edges. Wildlife Society Bulletin (in press).

McConnell, M. D., and L. W. Burger, Jr.. 2011. Precision conservation: using precision agriculture technology to optimize conservation and profitability in agricultural landscapes. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 2011: (in press)

Hale, S. L., S. L. Riffell, L. W. Burger, Jr., H. Adams, and J. G. Dollar. 2011. Fire Ant Response to Management of Native Grass Conservation Buffers. American Midland Naturalist (in press)

Conover,R.R.,S. J. Dinsmore, and L. W. Burger, Jr. 2011. Effects of conservation practices on bird nest density and survival in intensive agriculture. Agric. Ecosyst. Environ. 141:126-132. doi:10.1016/j.agee.2011.02.022

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