Prem B. Parajuli
Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Mississippi State University

PhD in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Kansas State University, 2007


Phone: 662-325-7350

Research Interests
Watershed water quality modeling (flow, sediment, pesticides, nutrients, pathogens), climate and land use change impact, feedstock engineering, economic modeling, bio-energy, carbon sequestration, crop modeling at the field and regional scales, GIS, and remote sensing.

Current Research Projects
Micro CHP and Bio-fuel Center at Mississippi State University

Irrigation Water, Use and Sustainability, in Soybean Production Systems in Mississippi

Sustainable Energy Research Center

Assessing Spatially Distributed Pathogens and Nutrients Source Loads to the Ross Barnett Reservoir in the East-central Mississippi

Evaluation of Spatially and Temporally Variable Phosphorus Loading to the Ross Barnett Reservoir in the East-central Mississippi using Modeling Approach

Most Current Publications:
Referred Journal:
Parajuli, P. B. 2011. Evaluation of Spatial Variability on Hydrology and Nutrient Source Loads at Watershed Scale using a Modeling Approach. Accepted in Hydrology Research, x (x): xx-xx.

Parajuli, P. B. 2011. Effects of Spatial Heterogeneity on Hydrologic Responses at Watershed Scale. Journal of Environmental Hydrology, 19 (18): 1-18.

Parajuli, P. B. 2010. Assessing sensitivity of hydrologic responses to climate change from forested watershed in Mississippi. Hydrological Processes, 24 (26): 3785-3797.

Parajuli, P. B., Nathan O. Nelson, Lyle D. Frees, and Kyle R. Mankin. 2009. Comparison of AnnAGNPS and SWAT model simulation results in USDA-CEAP agricultural watersheds in south-central Kansas. Hydrological Processes, 23(5): 748-763.

Parajuli, P. B., Mankin, K. R., and Barnes, P. L. 2009. Source specific fecal bacteria modeling using soil and water assessment tool model. Bioresource Technology, 100 (2): 953-963.

Parajuli, P. B., Douglas-Mankin, K. R., Barnes, P. L., and Green, C. G. Rossi. 2009. Fecal bacteria source characterization and sensitivity analysis of SWAT 2005. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, 52(6): 1847-1858.

Parajuli, P. B., Mankin, K. R., and Barnes, P. L. 2008. Applicability of Targeting Vegetative Filter Strips to Abate Fecal Bacteria and Sediment Yield using SWAT. Agricultural Water Management 95 (10): 1189-1200.

Peer-reviewed extension publications:
Parajuli, P. B. and Duffy S. 2011. Town Creek Watershed Assessment: Preliminary Report. Accepted in MAFES Research Bulletin xxxx: x-xx.

Parajuli P. B., Street A., Kingery W. L., Tagert M. L., Paz J. O., and Oldham J. L. 2011. Upper Pearl River Watershed Assessment: Preliminary Report. MAFES Research Bulletin, 1195:1-18.

Parajuli, P. B. 2010. Methods for Modeling Livestock and Human Sources of Nutrients at Watershed Scale. MAFES Research Report, 24 (8): 1-8.

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