Joel O. Paz
Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Mississippi State University

PhD Agricultural Engineering and Water Resources
Iowa State University, 2002


Phone: 662-325-3282

Research Interests
Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Water Quality, Watershed Modeling, Crop Modeling,
Precision Agriculture, Decision Support Systems, Climate Change, Climate Variability, Bioenergy, Climate Change Impacts on Bioenergy Production and Water Quality, Climate Extension and Outreach

Current Research Projects
Assessment of Water Quality Parameters of Impaired Streams Using Remote Sensing
Spatial Analysis of Biomass Logistics for Energy Production
Integrated GIS-Neural Network for Estimating Groundwater Levels in the Mississippi Delta Aquifer

Most Current Publications:
Persson, T., A. Garcia y Garcia, J.O. Paz, B.V. Ortiz, and G. Hoogenboom. 2010. Simulating the production potential and net energy yield of maize-ethanol in the southeastern USA. European Journal of Agronomy (In Press).

Crane, T.A., C. Roncoli, J.O. Paz, N.E. Breuer, K. Broad, and G. Hoogenboom. 2010. Forecast skill and farmer's skill: Seasonal climate forecasts and agricultural risk management in the southeastern United States. Weather, Climate, and Society 2(1):44-59. 10.1175/2009WCAS1006.1

Olatinwo, R.O., J.O. Paz, R.C. Kemerait, Jr., A.K. Culbreath, and G. Hoogenboom. 2009. El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) impact on tomato spotted wilt intensity in peanut and the implication on yield. Crop Protection (In Press).

Olatinwo, R.O., J.O. Paz, S.L. Brown, R.C. Kemerait, Jr., A.K. Culbreath, and G. Hoogenboom. 2009. Impact of early spring weather factors on the risk of tomato spotted wilt in peanut. Plant Disease 93(8):783-788.

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