J. Edward Swan
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Mississippi State University

PhD in Computer Science
Ohio State University, 1997

Web: www.cse.msstate.edu

Email: jes256@msstate.edu
Phone: 662-325-7507

Research Interests
Augmented and Virtual Reality, Scientific and Information Visualization, Perceptual and Cognitive Evaluation Techniques, Empirical Methods (Experimental Design, Statistical Analysis), Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics, Theoretical Computer Science

My research interests in visualization, especially evaluation and human-factors aspects of visualization systems, seem like a good fit with the mission of GRI.

Current Research Projects
Game Technology for Increasing Interest in Computer Science
HCC: Egocentric Depth Perception in Augmented Reality
High Performance Computing Visualization Initiative: Visualization User Studies
CT-ISG: Empirically-Based Visualization for Computer Security and Forensics
Vibration-Stabilizing In formation Displays during Launch with Augmented Reality Technology

Most Current Publications:
Martin, J. P., Swan, J. E., Moorhead, R. J., II, Liu, Z., & Cai, S. (2008). Results of a User Study on 2D Hurricane Visualization. Computer Graphics Forum: The International Journal of the Eurographics Association (Special Issue of EuroVis 2008). Eindhoven, Netherlands. 27(3), 991-998.

Joseph L. Gabbard, J. Edward Swan II, Usability Engineering for Augmented Reality: Employing User-based Studies to Inform Design. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, May/June 2008, Volume 14, Number 3, pages 513-525.

J. Edward Swan II, Adam Jones, Eric Kolstad, Mark A. Livingston, Harvey S. Smallman. Egocentric Depth Judgments in Optical, See-Through Augmented Reality, 1EEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. Volume 13, Number 3. May/June 2007, pages 429-442. Winner of the 2008 Bagley College of Engineering Outstanding Research Paper Award.

J. Edward Swan II, Mark A. Livingston, Harvey S. Smallman, Dennis Brown, Yohan Baillot, Joseph L. Gabbard, Deborah Hix. A Perceptual Matching Technique for Depth Judgments in Optical, See-Through Augmented Reality. Technical Papers, Proceedings of lEEE Virtual Reality 2006, Alexandria, Virginia, USA, March 25-29, IEEE Computer Society, pages 19-26. Winner of an Honorable Mention award at IEEE Virtual Reality 2006.

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