Bethany Stich
Associate Professor
Associate Director
University of New Orleans Transportation Institute

PhD in Public Administration and Policy
Virginia Tech, 2006


Phone: 504-280-6520

Research Interests
Topics surrounding transportation such as the importance of retaining and revitalizing highway, rail, and waterway infrastructure, policy and planning, globalization, intermodal development and planning, community development, industry recruitment and retention, sprawl, freight based economic development and citizen involvement.

Current Research Projects
Working closely with USDOT, TRB and DHS on improving visualization of data for use in planning and policy decision-making.

Most Current Publications:
Stich, Bethany, "Evacuation Models and Dynamics." At Community Resilience Workshop: Fitting the Pieces Together. Department of Homeland Security, Washington, D.C. June, 2008.

Stich, Bethany, "Is the World 'Flat', 'Spiky', or Something Else and What's Driving the Train?" at Gulf Coast Trade Alliance World Trade Conference: From Main Street to Global Markets, Annual Meeting, Biloxi, MS, April 2008.

Stich, Bethany, "Globalization Shaking our Foundations: The Resulting Transformational Policies of Economic Development, Transportation, Communication and Electric Utilities," at American Society for Public Administration, Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, March 2008.

Stich, Bethany, Chad Miller and Jody Holland, "Using the Advocacy Coalition Framework to Understand Freight Transportation Policy Change" at Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 2008.

Stich, Bethany and Chad Miller, "Using the Advocacy Coalition Framework to Understand the Shift in the Freight TranspOliation Policy Subsystem," at Southeastern Conference of Public Administration, Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, September 2007.

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