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GRI Publications for John Ball
Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers
Islam, M., Anderson, D., Ball, J. E., & Younan, N. H. (2016). CLODD Based Band Group Selection. IGARSS. China.

Dowdy, J., Anderson, D., Luke, R., Ball, J. E., Havens, T., & Keller, J. M. (2016). Comparison of Spatial Frequency Domain Features for the Detection of Side Attack Explosive Ballistics in Synthetic Aperture Acoustics. SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Conference 2016. Baltimore, MD: SPIE. [Abstract]

Lee, M., Anderson, D., Ball, J. E., & White, J. (2016). Background Adaptive Division Filtering for Hand-held Ground Penetrating Radar. SPIE. Baltimore, MD: SPIE Defence and Security. [Abstract]

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