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Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers
Nobrega, R. A. A., O'Hara C., Vijayaraj, V., Olson, G. A., Kim, S., Quintanilha, J. A., & Barros, M. T. L. (2006). Extracting and Classifying Bare Soil Erosion Risk Areas in an Urban Basin Using Object-Oriented Technologies, High Resolution Imagery And Elevation Data. Proceedings AWRA 06. Houston, TX. [Document]

Kim, S., Olson, G. A., & O'Hara C. (2005). Multi-Temporal Satellite Image Normalization for Change Detection. Proceedings of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Baltimore, MD. CDRom.

O'Hara C., Younan, N. H., Olson, G. A., Kim, S., Seo, S., Vijayaraj, V., Mali, P., Cheriyadat, A., & Shrestha, B. (2006). Spatial Data Maintenance Technologies. Starkville, MS; Mississippi State University: Geosystems Research Institute.

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