Haldun Karan and Yongzuo Li
Geosystems Research Institute

This project is part of the Southeast Regional Research Initiative (SERRI) which is a groundbreaking program managed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to assist local, state, and tribal leaders in developing the tools and methods required to anticipate and forestall terrorists events and to enhance disaster response.

This research includes assimilation of NEXRAD radial winds in a regional mesoscale model and the use of Lagrangian models to estimate the transport and dispersion of gasses/particles over the Southeastern United States. It is our plan to provide daily plume (smoke) forecast information, as well as atmospheric wind and other conditions over the Gulf coast. Therefore, the information provided on this web page can be used to assess how the smoke due to burning oil over the Gulf of Mexico propagates in time.

12 hour WRF forecast

12 hour ARL WRF as input for HYSPLIT model