Rapid Prototyping Capability

for Earth-Sun System Sciences


April 14-15, 2008

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Time Principal Investigator Institution Start Date Presentation 2 Page Report
1000 Bill McAnally MSU 10/2007 Mobile Bay Plume Remote Sensing report
1030 Jenny Du MSU 10/2007 Mobile Bay Water Quality Assessment Using NASA Spaceborne Data Products report
1100 Erdem Topsakal MSU 10/2007 Development of Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering Algorithms to Accurately Predict Sea Surface Salinity for Modeling Ocean Circulation
Contact author for more information.
1230 Valentine Anantharaj MSU 5/2006 Evaluation of the NASA Land Information System (LIS) and NASA data to enhance the USDA-NRCS SCAN decision support tool report
1300 Lori Bruce, Patrick Fitzpatrick, and Valentine Anantharaj MSU 2/2007 A Rapid Prototyping Capability Experiment to Evaluate CrIS ATMS Observations for Urban Modeling Applications report
1330 Lori Bruce, Valentine Anatharaj, and Georgy Mostovoi MSU 2/2007 A Rapid Prototyping Capability Experiment to Evaluate Potential Soil Moisture Retrievals of Aquarius Radiometer report
1415 Lori Bruce, Valentine Anantharaj, and QiQi Lu MSU 2/2007 Evaluation of GPM Precipitation Estimates for Cross-cutting Earth Science Applications via Land Data Assimilation Studies report
1445 Lori Bruce, Valentine Anantharaj, and Jenny Du MSU 2/2007 Optimizing GPM Precipitation Estimation Using High Resolution Land Surface Modeling for Decision Support report
1515 Nicolas Younan MSU 2/2007 RPC Experiment Proposal - "Using Simulated OCO Measurements for Assessing Terrestrial Carbon Pools in Southern United States" report
1545 Charles O'Hara MSU 5/2006 An RPC Evaluation of NASA Remote Sensing Inputs and Model Derived Data for Regional Crop Yield Prediction Monitoring report
1615 Charles O'Hara MSU 5/2006 An RPC Evaluation ofthe Watershed Modeling Program HSPF to NASA Existing Data, Simulated Future Data Streams, and Model (LIS) Data Products report
1645 Tomasz Haupt MSU 3/2006 RPC Infrastructure report
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For more information, please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Robert Moorhead.