As part of the DHS SERRI project, “Screening of Levees by Synthetic Aperture Radar” prototype mapping software called the Levee Assessment Tool (LAT) was developed to enable visual depiction and manipulation of geodata layers and images utilized and developed in the project. In addition to capabilities to visualize standard geodata layers and remote sensing inputs, the LAT demonstrates capabilities to manipulate and load complex SAR datasets and the capabilities to integrate selected feature detection and classification algorithms implemented as MatLab executables developed by the team.

The LAT incorporates a user-friendly interface that provides general capabilities to open, save, and close LAT projects (.lat extension files), zoom and view controls, data layer controls, and viewer tab controls. The LAT was designed and built upon open-source tool to provide an open geospatial platform that is highly interoperable with other mapping products and extensible to future enhancements and extensibility. The software development team prototyped and tested basic data handling capabilities, data manipulation utilities, and the integration of feature detection software which is built into the final package.

Overview Document
User Guide and Installation Instructions
Download complete package with sample data sets (zip - 1.5GB)