• Applications of Geospatial Technology in International Disasters and During Hurricane Katrina - A summary report by Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers for Katrina and selected international disasters including the Indian Ocean Tsunami.
        • Highlights - Strong need for geospatial technologies, dispersed data makes efficient set up of geospatial response centers difficult.
        • Poster - Australia's ANZLIC, Belgium Crisis Centre, The Netherlands DataLand, Sri Lanka's SAHANA, California's MAST.
        • Full Report
  • Survey Development Workshop I - A summary report of findings from a project workshop for Federal, State, and Local Katrina disaster management participants in Biloxi, MS.
        • Highlights - Data restrictions, deficiencies in inter-agency information flow and delayed delivery of geospatial products limited their effectiveness for response.
        • Full Report
  • Survey Results - Technical Report: Lessons learned from a Social Perspective -
    A summary report of answers to survey questions developed at Workshop I.
        • Highlights - Map producers cite data availability and data access as major impediments to map production.
        • Full Report
  • Personal Communication - A “boots-on-the-ground” view of map production and geospatial analysis from NVision Solutions Inc., headquartered at the Hancock County EOC.