Frequently Asked Questions

This page will provide frequently asked questions with answers. The following is a list of questions. You can either click the question and be taken to the answer, or you can scroll down to view the answer.

Account Questions
How do I get login credentials?
I forgot my password. What do I do?

Debris Application Questions
How do I add data?
How do I remove data?
How do I shuffle data layers?
How do change the base map?
How can I get the map back to where I started?
How can I zoom into an area of interest?
How can I change a layer's opacity?
How can I download a layer?
What is the URL in the layer's properties dialog for?

Why does my map not show all layers on the printout?
Why are the buttons not working on the toolbar?

>> How to get Login Credentials

To get a username and password so you can login into the system please email Dr. Bill Cooke at

>> Recovering a Password

To retrieve a lost password please email Dr. Bill Cooke at

>> Adding Data

To add data, click the yellow data layer with a plus sign in it. The list of files will be displayed in the dialog box window. Double click the file that you want to add.

>> Removing Data

To remove a data layer, select the layer you want to remove by clicking it once. Once the layer is selected, click the red 'X' on the tool bar.

>> Shuffling Layers

To move a layer up or down in the list, click the layer once to select it, and click either the up arrow or down arrow depending on how you want it to move.

>> Changing Base Maps

To change the base map, open the drop-down list on the top right of the interface. Choose your desired backgroud map.

>> Getting Map Back to Original Extent

To get the map back to the original extent, click the button with a yellow data layer with the blue back arrow on it.

>> Zoom to Area of Interest (AOI)

To zoom to an area of interest (AOI), click the 'AOI' button and draw a box around the desired area. When finished, click the 'AOI' button again.

>> Changing a Layer's Opacity

To change a layer's opacity, double click the layer in the left pane to access its properties. In the opacity box, enter a value from 0.0 to 1.0 and click the 'OK' button.

>> Downloading a Layer

To download a layer, double click the layer in the left pane to access its properties. Select the file type that you would like, and click the 'Download' link. Upon the clicking the download link, the data layer download will automatically pop up in your browser's window.

>> A Layer's URL

The URL for each data layer is provided to the user to give them access to the file within other ESRI products that he or she may have.

>> Map Layers not Printed Out

Depending upon your connection speed, the layers may not load quick enough for the print out to display them. To fix this problem, cancel the print dialog box, let all layers load, and then print the page.

>> Buttons not Working

The most likely reason that the toolbar buttons are not working is that a data layer is loading. Check the map application status. If the status does not say 'Ready', then you must let a layer complete the loading process. Once the layer loads, the status will switch to 'Ready', and the toolbar buttons will become active again.